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Bio (Brian A. Mendoza Dominguez)

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Brian A. Mendoza Dominguez

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Doctor of Social Sciences


The Doctor of Social Sciences program at RRU is the only program of its kind in Canada and offers Brian the opportunity to continue his life-long learning while pursuing his personal and professional goals. Brian’s professional background is in manufacturing management and process improvements. Brian is certified in operations management and holds a CPIM designation as an inventory and production professional. Brian has a Master of Arts in Leadership and works with organizations on improvement initiatives. As an INTJ (Myers-Briggs) personality type Brian has a visionary-achiever leadership style which is tempered by some introversion and complex thinking. He enjoys working with people in a team and acts as a change agent.

Brian’s passion is for motorcycling and recently completed a 26 month tour through 16 countries in the Americas. He conducted research on operational improvement methods during that time and can sometime be found reading in his rooftop pool in the Yucatan, Mexico.