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Bio (Gehan El Sharkawy)

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Gehan El Sharkawy

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Doctor of Social Sciences


Since 1997, Gehan has dedicated her career to children’s issues. For several years she focused on disability in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Kenya and Afghanistan in her capacity as a qualitative researcher, consultant and coordinator. Later, she joined the National Council for Childhood and Motherhood, which is the highest body in Egypt responsible for formulating and monitoring policies on children. There, she widened the scope of her professional experiences to include bridging the gender gap in primary education, reporting on the status of Egyptian children to international bodies and helping to modify disability legislation.

Gehan holds a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology, with minors in Islamic Art and Architecture, and Egyptology from the American University in Cairo. She received her Master of Science in Community Disability Studies from University College London. She has two diplomas in Special Education from Cairo University, and a certificate in Public Management from American University, Washington DC. She is pursuing a Doctor of Social Sciences to better promote children's wellbeing on a larger scale.

When she is not working full time for the International Labor Organization, Gehan enjoys learning the flute and quilting.