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Bio (Janna Wentzell)

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Janna Wentzell

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Doctor of Social Sciences


As an educator in Kinesiology for over 15 years, Janna is pursuing her Doctor of Social Sciences with the desire to create a fundamental shift in the Canadian healthcare system from a disease and illness care treatment model to that of a prevention of disease and illness model through the medium of exercise. Janna earned a Bachelor of Physical Education from Acadia University and a Master of Science in Kinesiology from Indiana University. Janna spent several years teaching in New Hampshire and returned to her alma mater in 2002 to join the faculty at Acadia University in Wolfville, NS. Watching numerous students complete their Kinesiology degree just to enter other allied health professions that are reactionary in nature rather than preventative has driven her to pursue this research area. Working as a Certified Athletic Trainer for many years in both university and clinical settings, Janna understands the value of the prevention model in the athletic and general population and feels that Kinesiologists can play a similar role in health promotion, disease and illness prevention through exercise. Embracing the mantra that “Exercise is Medicine” her goal is to demonstrate that Kinesiologists can play an instrumental role in ensuring the long term sustainability of the healthcare system by improving the overall health of our nation.