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Bio (Mathew Ocholi)

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Mathew Ocholi

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Doctor of Social Sciences


Mathew Ocholi is an environmental practitioner, project manager and trainer with 30 years varied work experience. As an environmental practitioner, Mathew holds a Master of Science in Environmental Practice from RRU and a Master of Science in Water and Waste Engineering from Loughborough University in the UK. He is involved in environmental social impact assessment (ESIA) of projects in Canada and water and environmental sanitation projects in Africa with strong social community management components. As a project manager, Mathew has managed large multi-country projects in Africa, some of which were research and evaluation projects and as a trainer has been involved in designing and implementing training in some West African countries. Mathew’s research interest is in exploring methodologies for quantifying impacts of oil spill events on social, cultural and ecological values of vulnerable communities. Mathew is married with children and resides with his family in Calgary, Alberta.