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Bio (Matthew Godsoe)

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Matthew Godsoe

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Doctor of Social Sciences


Matthew Godsoe is an emergency management and national security analyst who specializes in community resilience, currently serving as Special Advisor to the Associate Deputy Minister of Public Safety Canada and coordinator of the Department’s Technical Integration Group Engaged in Research on Resilience. In 2011, Matthew was awarded the Government of Canada Public Service Award of Excellence for his work on Canada's Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction. Matthew holds a Master of Arts in Disaster and Emergency Management from Royal Roads University, a Graduate Certificate in Counter-terrorism from the International Institute for Counter-terrorism and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Calgary. His research interests are focused on building linkages between the variables that make communities resilient against all threat and hazard types. A former technical rescue instructor for the British Army, Matthew remains operational by volunteering as an incident commander with Search and Rescue (SAR) Global 1, a not-for profit NGO that provides SAR and disaster response services in Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec.