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Meagan Hamilton

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Doctor of Social Sciences


Meagan grew up in the small town of St. George near Hamilton, Ontario. She recieved her bachelors degree in Environmental Studies from the University of Waterloo, while working as a part-time environmental educator for five years with the local conservation authority. After finishing her undergraduate degree Meagan went to live and teach English in South Korea for almost four years.  She then returned home to study Resources Officer Management Technology at Malaspina College and then entered the Royal Roads Master of Arts in Environmental Education and Communication program.  As a part of her masters research, Meagan helped to build a community-based native plant nursery and ecological restoration business at Six Nations of the Grand River, which is her mother's native community. After three years with the business, Meagan returned to East Asia to teach English, this time in Japan.  Following her first Doctor of Social Sciences residency here at Royal Roads, Meagan will return to her home in Ontario to begin work on her dissertation. Meagan's research interests include First Nations governance, languages and culture, as well as East Asian studies.