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Nancy Paris

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Doctor of Social Sciences


Nancy Paris is the Director of the Product and Process Applied Research Team (PART) at BCIT. Since 1996 Nancy has been responsible for the growth and management of a multi-disciplinary team of researchers that conducts applied R&D in emerging and next generation product design in health technologies, energy, consumer electronics, and industrial products for clients in industry, academia, government and the community.

Nancy is an accomplished researcher and product developer with over twenty years of experience in developing proposals, grants, and contracts to conduct applied research projects and build applied research infrastructure. Her areas of expertise include the product development process, medical and assistive devices, and healthcare management consulting. Most recently Nancy has championed research in the development of global health technology and is interested in co-developing products with users in low-resource settings. In addition she is interested in developing the supply chain from idea to commercialization for technologies in developing countries.