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Bio (Omar Salim)

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Omar Salim

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Doctor of Social Sciences


Omar Salim is a researcher and professor of communications in the School of Interdisciplinary Studies and Employment Services at Durham College. He holds a multidisciplinary academic and professional portfolio. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Health Sciences from the University of Waterloo, a postgraduate certificate in Human Resource Management from Durham College, a certificate in Teaching and Learning in Post-Secondary Education from both Queen’s University and Durham College, and a Master of Arts in Education, Health and Development Studies from Queen’s University. He has held positions with the National Basketball Association, Municipality of Clarington, Boehringer Ingelheim and many other academic, corporate and non-profit organizations nationwide. In addition to his work at Durham College, Omar is a speaker and consultant, serves as president and director of 360ydc (young people developing capacity), and a board member and volunteer with Simcoe Hall Settlement House (a non-profit food bank and community centre). His work and research interests include communications, education, history, health, leadership, personal and organizational development, interfaith work and international studies. Omar and his family live in Ontario.