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Bio (Patricia Reichert)

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Patricia Reichert

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Doctor of Social Sciences


Starting a doctoral program has been a work in progress for Patricia Reichert, and she is happy to be on her way at Royal Roads. Her career as a social policy researcher and community development contractor has taken her to all corners of this country, working with both government and non-governmental organisations. In recent years, her work has focused on food security and the implications of the global food system for local food policy in Canada, including social, environmental and economic impacts. Patricia moved from the prairies to Salt Spring Island some years ago and feels fortunate to be able to work in her own community and region with not-for-profit organizations and businesses wanting to bring about change in how food is produced and distributed. The core values of the Transition Town movement guide this work, addressing a range of sustainability, resilience and climate action goals through the development of community-based local food systems. In her doctoral studies, she is exploring the ways in which social enterprise and social entrepreneurship can be applied to the revitalization of local food systems in Canada.