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Bio (Patrick Neal)

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Patrick Neal

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Doctor of Social Sciences


Patrick has been involved in the justice and public safety field since 1982. He started his career in the Canadian Forces, later worked as a prison librarian, after which he went into corporate security. From 2002-2004 he completed his Master of Arts at Royal Roads University during which he studied the information seeking behavior of police officers. Starting in 2005, Patrick began working with provincial and federal justice and public safety agencies, focused on information sharing and developing evidence-based policies and procedures. The common thread throughout Patrick’s career has been to develop a deeper understanding of the “information society” we live in. He is currently completing his Doctor of Social Sciences at Royal Roads University. His doctoral research is examining the changing relationships between corporations, governments and citizens, and their evolving roles in protecting the information society. In particular, he is exploring how corporate personnel make sense and respond to the threats and risks associated with the blurring of the lines between cybercrime, cyberterrorism and cyberwar. His special area of interest is information sharing, evidence based policies and procedures, information behavior models, social contract theory, cybersecurity intelligence and analysis operations within public sector and private corporations, and information sciences.