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Bio (Ricardo Manmohan)

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Ricardo Manmohan

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Doctor of Social Sciences


Ricardo Manmohan holds a Bachelor of Arts in Criminology from the University of Windsor and an MS in Forensic Science from the University of Central Oklahoma. He completed his Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching at RRU in 2011, focusing on leadership coaching. Prior to that, Ricardo worked his way up to become a branch manager in the financial industry. While working on a BA, he joined the Canadian Forces as a reserve army officer and currently holds the rank of Captain. His service in the military continues as an infantry officer with The Royal Westminster Regiment. As a leadership coach and facilitator, Ricardo has designed and executed programs to develop leaders in both the corporate and military worlds. Most recently, he has become immersed in the development of leaders in rural and Indigenous communities. His research specifically explores the meaning, the measurement and the creation of the most effective environment to develop leadership capacity in the future leaders of these communities.