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Bio (Richard Wamimbi)

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Richard Wamimbi

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Doctor of Social Sciences


Richard is a sociologist with years of experience in social development and advocacy programming to support communities address vulnerability and inequalities to overcome poverty and injustice. He earned his first degree in social sciences and a master's degree in Sociology from Makerere University in Uganda. He has supported and overseen the implementation of both large and small scale social development programmes in Uganda, Africa and globally in different capacities. Currently, he is the East Africa child protection and advocacy lead, and earlier was the global child protection and advocacy advisor, team leader Africa Health, HIV and OVC advocacy team all for World Vision International and the executive director for the Uganda Network of AIDS Service Organizations among others. His skills are in public health and child protection programming as well as implementing development grant projects among others. He has worked locally and nationally, and engaged with international agencies in different sociocultural contexts in Africa and across the globe. He currently works as the child protection and advocacy leader for World Vision International East Africa Region. His major role has been focusing on expanding and strengthening child protection programming and advocacy through capacity building for country programmes, research and development to improve the quality of child protection and other social services.