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Robert Savage

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Doctor of Social Sciences


Since his teenage years, Robert has been fascinated by the reality that while one older adult may experience the stereotypical view of aging as a period of decline, another of the same age may be living an absolutely vibrant life. This fascination led him to years of study in the fields of kinesiology and gerontology. Upon completing his Master of Arts in Gerontology at SFU in 2010, Robert commenced sharing this knowledge via research, writing and consulting in his own business, Vibrant Living and Lifestyle Systems Inc. Robert’s passion for research and a desire to continue giving back to the community are key factors in his decision to enroll in the Doctor of Social Sciences Program at Royal Roads University. Simply, he wishes to develop his research, writing and consulting skills to the highest possible level. Living on Salt Spring Island, Robert has developed an interest in rural and small town aging, in particular the experiences of those who age in rural areas and have been subjected to minority stress over the life course, such as First Nations Elders and LGBT seniors. He is also interested in intergenerational relationships between gay men where there is more than 20 years’ age difference between partners (and with his background in gerontology he is especially interested in exploring relationships where one of the partners is over 60 years of age). Finally, as a much longer-term goal, Robert feels compelled to apply a critical perspective to some of the emerging concepts in queer theory and eventually add to the discourse.