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Bio (Sharon McIntyre)

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Sharon McIntyre

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Doctor of Social Sciences


Sharon McIntyre is a creativity and innovation consultant, researcher and educator who works with global corporations, start-up enterprises, public sector organizations, and students in North America, Europe and Africa. McIntyre believes a pragmatic consulting approach, (drawing from both professional experience and academic research), delivers optimal value to the organizations and communities with which she works. She is the co-founder of New Cottage Industries & Co., a consultancy working at the intersection of innovation, values and creative culture. Previously, she worked as the chief social scientist at Chaordix in the co-creativity and open innovation technology space; as a consultant in technology marketing and frugal innovation with the electrical utility of Cameroon; and as the senior marketing advisor to Schlumberger's global software division. As a lecturer and curriculum developer, McIntyre has worked with a number of schools including University of Alberta Executive Education; the Copenhagen Business School and the Mount Royal University Bissett School of Business. A frequent speaker and presenter, McIntyre is sought after for her engaging (and often countervailing) perspectives on entrepreneurship, innovation, creativity and marketing. Her research interests include entrepreneurial innovation models, place-based entrepreneurship and practical creativity processes. McIntyre holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of Alberta (1982); Management Certification from McGill University (1992) and a Master of Education from Athabasca University (2007).