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Bio (Sylvie Plante)

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Sylvie Plante

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Doctor of Social Sciences


Sylvie's doctoral research asks: How does social capital facilitate entrepreneurial innovation in strategic public-private partnerships? Social capital refers to resources accessed through relationship networks. Sylvie's interest in relationship networks and connections started when she worked as an art dealer in Quebec city while attending college there. Today Sylvie Plante directs a consulting business in Ottawa that is focused on organization development, effectiveness and well-being. Sylvie obtained an MA in Organization Management and Development from Fielding University (Santa Barbara, CA) after completing a Bachelor of Administration degree at the University of Ottawa and a Certificate in Human Resources Management at McGill. After helping government clients implement people management strategies, Sylvie worked with private start-ups where she rediscovered her passion for entrepreneurship and innovation. Through her research with the Doctor of Social Sciences program at Royal Roads, Sylvie will be creating knowledge that supports action in the fields of entrepreneurship, innovation and social capital.