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Bio (Trish Whelan)

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Trish Whelan

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Doctor of Social Sciences


Trish Whelan has been working in the healthcare system over 25 years. Her education includes psychiatric nursing and a Nursing Diploma, a Bachelor in Science of Nursing and a Masters in Health Studies. Her experience includes nursing in a level 1 trauma emergency department as well as being an educator for nursing. Trish is currently employed as an assistant professor in the Bridge to Canadian Nursing Program at Mount Royal University. In this program she works with Internationally Educated Nurses (IENs) entering nursing in Alberta. Their choices to come to Canada to provide their own families a better life has allowed her to explore marginalization further based on discussions of healthcare, their views of healthcare and how they are marginalized in their work place. Teaching these nursing students has allowed Trish to start exploring a passion and interest that started in her career many years ago, exploring the teenage population that uses the ER department. Education and ongoing learning are essential to her philosophy of providing care and quality of care to people and clients that are affected by the healthcare system. Life style choices and the increasing epidemic of poor health discourses amongst teens are evident in Alberta, as well as globally. Trish has chosen to focus on youth as her professional experience in Emergency Nursing has met many challenges in caring for teens.