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Bio (Wendy Richardson)

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Wendy Richardson

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Doctor of Social Sciences


Wendy’s passion for helping vulnerable youth overcome challenges in their lives has led her to pursuing a Doctor of Social Sciences at RRU. In particular, she is interested in exploring whether young people with FASD can improve their brain function through the use of technology. For the past 21 years, Wendy has worked for The John Howard Society of North Island (JHSNI), an agency that serves youth and families in several Vancouver Island communities. Wendy became JHSNI’s Executive Director in 2007. To meet the daily demands of her position she draws on her background in information technology, accounting and human resources as well as her deep commitment to social issues.  Wendy was born in Cornwall, England and immigrated to Canada in 1985. She received the Intuit Canada Award for Management Information Systems while enrolled in the CGA program and went on to complete her Master of Business Administration in Executive Management with specialization in Leadership at RRU in 2009. Wendy lives on Quadra Island with her husband, Robin. She has three grown children and three granddaughters.